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Michael’s Story... 

Dr. Michael A. Hunter was a Hemophiliac infected with HIV by a blood transfusion of Factor VIII concentrate when he was 15 years old.  Dr. Mike, as he was commonly referred to by his family and friends, graduated from Grambling High School in May of 1984.  During his time at GHS, he was an honor student, band member (marching, concert, and jazz bands), statistician for the varsity basketball team, president of the student council, and a member of the National Honor Society.

Dr. Mike graduated from Xavier University in New Orleans, Louisiana with a degree in Biology. On May 16, 1993, he was awarded the Doctor of Medicine Degree from UCLA-Drew in Los Angeles, California.  He spent his residency at Martin Luther King/Charles R. Drew Medical Center in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Dr. Mike fought his battle with HIV, mind, body, and soul before passing on August 27, 1994.  During his final months on earth, he emphasized to his siblings to make a difference in the lives of others. No matter what we may face, our family is blessed with the capacity to serve others. His benevolent view of others motivated his family to start this foundation to help those battling HIV and AIDS. 

The Foundation

Since Michael’s death in 1994, our family has been committed to servicing those in need. We have provided scholarships to high school students setting to pursue science degrees, and we have provided HIV/AIDS education and advocacy to those living in rural communities. The bulk of these efforts have been provided by Foundation Founder and Executive Director, Mark A. Hunter, Dr. Mike’s brother and a Hemophiliac infected with HIV.

Inspired by a collective goal, we have decided to expand our scope and reshape the vision. Mark and Faith Hunter have joined forces to create an online and in-person movement designed to help change the narrative around wellness, and assist in enhancing the quality of life of others – body, mind, soul, and community.

Michael lived by a quote which is etched on his headstone, “I know that I have chosen a difficult road to walk, but I have the tools to make it a successful journey.  Life has been a test of my courage and my tenacity.  I have passed with flying colors.”  We at the Dr. Michael A. Hunter Foundation have chosen a difficult road to walk, but with the dream that Michael envisioned, we have the tools to make it a successful journey. 

Join us in changing the narrative!